Lenten Prayer Reflection by Erica Casareno

Apr 08 2017
JN 11:45-56
Today’s Gospel describes the Pharisees’ reaction to a miracle which Jesus has just performed, the healing of Lazarus. Since the Jews are beginning to believe in Jesus’s power, the Pharisees grow apprehensive. They fear that the Romans may destroy the nation if the people begin to follow Jesus. Unsure of what to do, they take the advice of the high priest Caiaphas to kill Jesus.
         Jesus is aware of their plan, yet he does nothing to stop them. He stops walking out in public and heads off to the desert. If Jesus, the son of God has the power to raise a man from the dead, why doesn’t he stop the Pharisees? The answer is that he was following God’s will. This Lenten season, we should not be fearful like the Pharisees. Instead, we must perform God’s will—even when it seems difficult.