Lenten Prayer Reflection by Ismenia Ginebra

Apr 15 2017

MT 28:1-10

We are in the Gospel of Holy Saturday, which is part of the Holy Triduum after Lent finishes. Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb where Jesus was buried. When they arrived however, an angel has rolled back the stone and sat on top of it. Confused because they don’t understand, the angel assures them to not be afraid!! Jesus, whom they are looking for, is not here, “for he has been raised just as He said.” The angle urges them to tell his disciples the Good News and that Jesus will meet them at Galilee. Excited yet with fear, they ran to tell the disciples all what they have heard and seen. And sure enough, the risen Jesus did meet them there, telling them to spread the same message.
       This is what we have been looking forward to in Lent!! This awesome message that Jesus has risen from the dead just as He has promised! The beautiful thing about this Gospel reading is the ever present urgency of making this message known to anyone and everyone. I believe it really resembles how much Jesus wants us to know this. He wants us to have our hope and belief restored and have confidence that all that He says and promises is in fact the truth. He knows how often we need to hear this and be reminded of this truth, especially in times when our faith can be challenged. We can rejoice in the fact that Jesus is truly alive and is in heaven looking down upon us. Having this uplifting and joyful message in the Gospel, it reminds of what we are to look forward to in our time of Lent, as we make our sacrifices and offerings for us to develop more of our dependence on God, that He may be the One whom we turn to satisfy our longings and desires. And may we be reminded of this message each and every day of our lives.