Lenten Prayer Reflection by Jenna Marsala

Mar 30 2014

JN 9:1-41
In this Gospel, Jesus cures a man of his blindness, and makes the man able to see again. However, when the man is brought to the Pharisees, the Pharisees could not understand how a “sinful man” could be cured of his blindness, and they question the man several times about how it is that he became cured. The man demonstrates great faith in responding that Jesus cured him and, if Jesus were not the Son of God, then He would not be able to perform these great miracles. The Pharisees, upset by the man’s remarks, threw him out. Jesus, hearing of the incident, greets the man and reveals Himself to the one whom He has healed. Jesus then indicates to the Pharisees that they do not see the effects of their sins and, therefore, they are blind. Jesus is constantly testing our faith. Sometimes, we become so overcome by doubt that we begin to lose sight of our faith. We should remember to always turn to our faith and Jesus during times of doubt.