Lenten Prayer Reflection by Jessica Galarza

Apr 07 2017

JN 10 : 31-42

This Gospel is about Jesus’s struggle with nonbelievers. The Jews wanted to stone Jesus for blasphemy. He performed many good works of God, and yet people still doubted him. Jesus refuted the Jews, saying that if it was written in the laws that those to whom the word of God came were called gods, then how can it be blasphemous if the consecrated Son of God says, “I am the Son of God.” Still, they are not convinced and tried to arrest him. Jesus retreated to the Jordan River, and there many realized that John has accurately prophesied Jesus’s arrival, and they began to believe in the Son of God. This still relates to today because many people have lost faith. It is important to help them realize that you don’t have to see something to believe it.