Lenten Prayer Reflection by Julia Lafferty

Feb 26 2016

MT 23:33-43, 45-56
I feel that the Gospel stood out to me the most. It was about rejection and hating on others. I also got the message about not trusting people, and always to see what is really going on about someone before you do or say anything. Trust is a very important key to any relationship with any person in one’s life. Jesus says something very powerful to them that will stick with me. He said, “The stone that the builders rejected had become the cornerstone.” This really can make people do a self-reflection on their life because it makes you can think about if you had ever rejected someone because of who they were. The tenants, whom the landowner trusted, hurt and killed the servants who were supposed to obtain the produce on his land. The Kingdom of God is given to the people who produce the fruit, not who destroy it. I will take that with me, and so should you the next time you reject someone, or think about trusting someone.