Lenten Prayer Reflection by Julie Daga

Mar 26 2016

LK 24:1-12

In this passage from Luke’s Gospel, Jesus had risen (on the third day) and the women from Galilee were confused and surprised when they saw that Jesus’ body was not in the tomb. They were frightened at the sight of “two men in dazzling garments,” whom I consider to be angels. The two men reminded the women of what Jesus had told them when He was still in Galilee–that He would rise on the third day after his crucifixion. The women told this to the Apostles but no one believed them; however, Peter visited the tomb and was amazed at what had happened.
Whenever I listen to this Gospel passage, I ask myself: How would I have reacted when I noticed that Jesus, someone who I deeply cared about, was no longer in the tomb? I might’ve reacted in a similar way that the Galilean women did. My heart would have sunk knowing that Jesus’ body was missing. I would also be a little confused until I would suddenly remember Jesus’ words. When the Apostles did not believe that what the women were telling them was true, Peter decided to see for himself. I probably might’ve done the same thing that Peter did and go check the tomb rather than immediately rejecting the words of the women. Sometimes, we may even need reassurance in our lives just like God tries to reassure us to have faith and to trust in him.