Lenten Prayer Reflection by Julie Scuderi

Mar 02 2016

Matthew 5:17-19
In today’s Gospel, we see Jesus with his disciples, teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. He came to fulfil the law of God, taught before his arrival on earth by the prophets. Unfortunately, we often view the “law of God” as something negative rather than positive. This is counter-intuitive, because God’s law is truth! Jesus teaches us that when we live according to God’s law, our hearts will be filled with the gifts of joy, holiness, and peace. For some reason, despite this knowledge we still struggle to obey God’s laws without reservation. Even when we do manage to obey them, we often merely “go through the motions.” Jesus wants us to enter more deeply into the laws of His Father, striving to understand and to love them! This Lent, challenge yourself to enter into God’s commandments more fully and to understand the importance of sacrifice and obedience.