Lenten Prayer Reflection by Julie Scuderi

Feb 28 2016

Luke 13:1-9

In today’s Gospel, we see Jesus discussing extremely difficult situations that are still relevant today. He discusses an accidental calamity in which many died. He also speaks of Pilate’s condemnation of many Jews who were put to death in their own temple. He doesn’t explain why these horrible things happened. He simply tells those who are still living and healthy because they were better than those who have died. God does not punish us with death. Similarly, those who died in the horrific incidents did not do any sort of wrongdoing to cause their untimely deaths. Sin did not cause the abuses to happen. They just happened. When Jesus says “unless you repent you will all perish,” he wanted us to know that unless we offer up our imperfections and failings to Jesus, we will die. Not physically, but in the spiritual sense. Our souls will be corrupted and we will move farther and farther away from the Lord. This Lent, strive to move closer to Jesus and become more like Him in everything you do.