Lenten Prayer Reflection by Katherina Palion

Mar 25 2015

Lk 1:26- 38
Today’s Gospel is about the angel Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary that she is pregnant with the Son of God, whom she is to name Jesus. Even though Mary has no relations with a man, through the incredible power of God, she conceives a child. Mary’s faith in God has won her favor with Him, as the angel tells her. We too, should reflect on this idea that God will reward us for our faith. During the Lenten season, we are called to refocus our trust in the Lord, just as Mary did when the angel Gabriel announced to her that she would bear the child of God. This Gospel calls on us to remember that God is most important, and that it is He who is in control of our lives. This Gospel reminds us that God will save us if we believe in His word and trust Him. During Lent, we reflect on the theme of this passage that nothing will be impossible for God.