Lenten Prayer Reflection by Katie Broshek

Mar 26 2014

MT 5:17-19
When Jesus started his ministry and began preaching about a new law of love, many people misinterpreted his message. Jesus was not condemning any of his forerunners or taking back any of the Ten Commandments. Jesus teaches that the Ten Commandments are etched in stone, literally and figuratively. However, Jesus tried to convey that the spirit of the law is not harsh or vengeful, rather that purpose behind every letter of the law is to love God and one another and to treat each other with respect.
This passage also reflects on the importance of teaching others the ways of the Lord. If we look on as others sin and fall from grace and do nothing to lead them to the path of righteousness, we are accountable in the eyes of the Lord. As Catholics, it is our responsibility to teach and lead others to the Father. Throughout Lent, we are called to abandon sin. Maybe this Lent, we can take the extra selfless step and help others abandon sin as well.