Lenten Prayer Reflection by Kiersten Cote

Mar 22 2016

JN 13:21-33, 36-38

In this Gospel passage, Jesus sits at the table with his disciples and says to them “one of you will betray me”. Of course, this statement leaves all of the disciples curious as to which man Jesus was speaking about. Jesus refers to Judas, for he knows he will betray him. Following this statement, Jesus still proceeds to tell the men that he will give up his life for their salvation. This passage is extremely significant for many reasons. In every day life we are faced with many choices, many that can lead to sin. This could very much be considered a betrayal to Jesus. In this Gospel, Jesus reveal that he knows which men will deny him, however Jesus’ love and compassion for man is so strong that even the betrayal of his own men will not even make him second guess his choice for one second of dying for the pure reason of man’s salvation. This just shows that no matter what we do, no matter what sin we commit, God will always be there for us, loving us, even when you completely deny him, he is there for you and caring for you every step of the way on your journey of life.