Lenten Prayer Reflection by Kiersten Cote

Mar 18 2016

JN 10:31-42

In this Gospel passage, Jesus is about to be stoned for the crime of “blasphemy”. When being accused of this, Jesus responds back to the people who are about to stone him with complete confidence. Jesus continues to say that he is the Son of God and he will not deny himself because of fear. This shows the true strength that Jesus had and that fear could not break him. Jesus was fully dedicated to God and was ready to die before he denied him. In life, we will be approached with many obstacles that will cause you to want to lessen or break your faith in God. In this passage, Jesus is a great example of not letting these every day obstacles stop you from living out your faith and being the true, Catholic person you are called to be. In life there will be many people who will try to bring you down but no matter what, you must keep your faith and stay strong.