Lenten Prayer Reflection by Lindsey Echausse

Feb 24 2016

MT 20:17-28

“The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many…”

    At first glance, this verse from today's Gospel explains to us Jesus' humility; the humility to descend from heaven and save our wandering souls from a hopeless world. This humility strikes us with awe two thousand years later. But when we take a closer look at this verse what do we find? Jesus is explaining to us what will happen in a few short weeks. He reveals to his disciples that he will give his life for our sake, and make the world's greatest sacrifice by dying for our sins. Do the disciples realize the permanence and severity of this statement? Do they realize the sacrifice he will make for their mistakes...and ours? Here's an even better question...do WE realize? Two millenniums later we still get nervous when that question is proposed, but...do we realize?! Are we capable of apprehending how much pain he endured as the nails tore through his flesh? Or the hurt he felt when Judas betrayed him? The agony he experienced in the garden? Do we understand how hard it was for him? Do we REALLY understand? Above all, do we grasp how much LOVE, true, genuine love he had for us to endure his crucifixion? Do we reciprocate that same love for him? This Lent, but today especially, let's challenge ourselves to think about his sacrifice, his ransom for our thirsting souls, and the love he has for us that we can also have for him.