Lenten Prayer Reflection by Meredith Kass '19

Mar 13 2018

     Lent is a time of cleansing and growth. During the Lenten season, we are able to focus more on bearing our crosses and learning from Jesus. Jesus suffered for our sins and Lent is when we can reflect on that in our personal lives. Lent is the perfect time to grow closer to God through our own suffering. After I was diagnosed with Lupus last year, I realized that a stronger prayer life with God would provide me with the strength to conquer my illness. I simply talk to God and find great peace of mind knowing that God will always watch over me. My suffering has deepened my relationship with God and I think Lent is an important time in the Liturgical Year because we are able to take part in the suffering of Jesus. The suffering we endure during Lent helps strengthen us and our faith. Lent is our opportunity to form a closer relationship with God and have a better understanding of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.