Lenten prayer reflection

Apr 02 2014

John 5:17-30
In this Gospel passage, Jesus is making clear that in order to know the father, you must first know the son. Jesus’ message is clear, and he repeats it several times, there is no eternal life without first honoring the son.
This passage is difficult because Jesus speaks about the real possibility of condemnation…not an easy subject. But the message is not to fear condemnation, rather to honor the son and receive eternal life.
In this time of Lent, as we fast and pray, it is a great time to heighten our senses and focus on the promise of our own bodily resurrection. As we journey through Lent, we should not fear but rejoice that redemption is ours once we embrace the truth of the cross. What better way to honor the son than to allow his blood to wash over us and experience the power of his love?