Lenten Prayer Reflection by Tyler Cossu

Mar 20 2016

LK 22:14-23: 56

The people of Judea brought Jesus to Pontius Pilate accusing him of blasphemy. The people are were outraged that Jesus is referred to as king of the Jews and he does not pay taxes to Caesar. Pilate interrogated Jesus and proclaimed Jesus was not guilty. The crowd became enraged. Because Jesus was a Galilean he was under Herod’s jurisdiction. Pilate sent Jesus to Herod for further interrogation. Herod questioned Jesus as soldiers and citizens mocked and physically abused him. Jesus did not respond. Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate because he could not charge him for any wrong doings. Jesus and a prisoner named Barabas stood in front of the crowd as they chanted release Barabas and crucify Jesus. Pilate granted the crowds demand. A crucifix was placed on Jesus’ back as he was abused. Jesus carried the crucifix as a large crowd followed jeering him. A group of women followed morning for their savior. Jesus told the women to not worry about him but worry about themselves. Jesus was crucified. While on the cross, criminals surrounding him mocked him. Jesus did not respond to the criminals but to God. Jesus prayed that God would forgive all who mocked him. The sky grew dark and Jesus passed. Forgiveness is extremely important in life. Jesus demonstrated forgiveness by forgiving all who mocked and abused him. An example of unselfishness was Jesus caring for the women mourning for him. Jesus is the epitome of the perfect human being. We should all strive to be like him more and more everyday.