Lenten Reflection by Brian Hatt

Mar 29 2014

HOS 6: 1-6
The most important thing to understand about this reading is that God comes for all of us. No matter what size, shape, or color God loves us all equally. We were all made as God’s children and we should never have any doubt that he will guide over us. As children of God we should all have a desire to be loved by him. When we see that others do not want to be desired by God we should give them a reason to want to love the father. Even if we want absolutely nothing to do with God, he will still love us the same as all his other children. God will heal all our wounds, get us through all our struggles, and show us the way in our lives. With loving God comes sacrifice. We have to show God that we truly love him by sacrificing in our lives and just following what he has planned for us, no matter what it is. Our Lord sent his only son to die for us on the cross to show how much he loved us; isn’t it only right to show God how much we love him after he did all that for us? Through God anything is possible; all we must do is never lose sight of what he has in store for us.