Lenten Reflection by Daniel Montgomery

Apr 05 2014

JN 7:40-53
One of the greatest problems with a teen growing up in today’s age of modern technology is that we have lost touch with our religious roots. We as a society find it hard to believe in what we cannot see and that occurs most often with believing in Christ. But this has been a problem for centuries, even since Christ was alive. Even with Jesus performing miracles in front of thousands of people, it was still hard for many to believe that this man was God because the thought seemed so unreal. After one of Jesus’ first preaches in Galilee, the Galileans were startled by the way Jesus spoke. One of the guards even told the Pharisees “Never before has anyone spoken like this man.” The people didn’t know what to believe and the crowd was torn apart on whether they thought Jesus was the true Prophet. This skepticism lasted throughout Jesus’ lifetime and still continues today.

Even though we may not be able to see God, he is most certainly there. He loves us more than any human being has the capability of doing. And that is the amazing part about believing. You don’t have to see God to believe in his love and mercy for us. There will always be people who doubt the existence of Christ, there always has, but it is up to us to decide whether we should love God with all of our might or let a society full of skeptics fill our minds with doubt. Those who do believe in the goodness of God should do as he says, go out and fill the hearts of others with the love and power of Christ. Spread the good word of the Lord and let others come to realize in the existence and power of God.