Lenten reflection by Emma Calabrese

Feb 23 2015

Matthew 24:31-46​
This Gospel written by Matthew is about how God is there for everyone, even in times of struggle. Some people really do understand that God works in mysterious ways, while others tend to give up on God and His will to help all his brothers and sisters. In life, people go through patches of good and bad times in their lives; even when there is no one to turn to, God is always there. Prayer is an extremely important aspect of life as a Catholic. When I feel like life is taking a turn for the worst, I imagine that I am talking to God, and telling him my hardships. Although it is not a set prayer to God, I know He is listening. Believing and having hope that God always has the best intentions for you is quite important to living out the faith of God’s grace.
​Now that Lent has begun, this Gospel really stands out to us Catholics. Nobody suffered as much as Jesus did for 40 days and nights. Jesus went through these hardships to give us an example of how faith in God is so important and amazing. We should live out our lives during Lent, and the rest of the year, like Jesus did; extremely faithful and devoted to our ONE, true God.