Lenten reflection by Olivia Le Jouan

Mar 12 2015

LK 11:14-23
The Gospel is talking about Jesus’ miracles involving the expulsion of demons. Luke stated in his book that “every kingdom divided against itself be laid waste and house will fail against house.” This statement speaks volumes due to the fact that without God, we will all surely be lost. This Gospel reminds us that, even though we may not always get a sign from heaven, God is always responsible and caring for us. When we are dealing with our demons, our sins become who we are and we forget that we are good people. While the demons are in us, we forget who and what is important in our lives. These demons need to be forgotten by us to really appreciate what we have. By Christ casting out the demons, he is also killing the power they have. We cannot have Jesus personally cast out our demons, so we must do it ourselves. We need to focus on Jesus and the miracles he showed us in order for us to rid ourselves of our own demons.