How to Sell a Yearbook Ad

1. Make a good first impression – Start off with a handshake & introduce yourself as a student at KMHS. Really impress them and wear your uniform!

2. Talk benefits- KMHS yearbook reaches around 2,500 families in Nassau, Suffolk, & Queens.

3. Sell the ad sizes & prices – The business card ad is the easiest for the businesses to purchase. They don’t have to design anything. They give you their business card, we do the rest. If they want to purchase a larger ad, make sure you show them the guidelines for sizes located on the back of the ad form.

4. COLOR, COLOR, COLOR – ALL ads are in full color no matter what the size.

5. Say Thank You – even if they do not purchase an ad. Politeness can go a long way!


The early bird deadline is October 31!
​Early bird ad pricing:

Full page: $450
Half page: $275
Quarter page: $230
Business card (1/8 page): $110

Standard ad pricing from November 1 through February 15:

Full page: $500
Half page: $300
Quarter page: $250
Business card (1/8 page): $125


For Seniors:

  1. ​1 Senior Send Off Ticket
  2. Character Dining for 4 in Disney
  3. $100 Disney Gift Card
  4. $25 Disney Gift Cards (4 winners will be drawn)

For Underclassmen:
​Free apparel from the Phoenix Emporium


312 Larkfield Rd East Northport, NY 11731
​Phone: 516-840-9944 (Tue-Fri)


Welcome to Senior Year ! Your senior appointment is on the back. Come to the St. Sebastian room at the beginning of your time period, in FULL KMHS uniform, BLAZER included. If you have a conflict, switch with a classmate. If you’re scheduled during lunch, notify us when you arrive and you will “jump the line”. Can’t make it? Email us immediately or you will be scheduled for November at KMHS ($35 fee). Make every effort to keep your scheduled appt. 

IMPORTANT: ALL students will be photographed in uniform & formal wear. An optional cap & gown pose is available for a $20 fee, which must be paid in cash at your sitting. The C/G pose can only be taken at your appointment. Students will be photographed wearing & holding the cap. Formal wear and cap & gown provided by the photographer.

Gentlemen MUST: Wear white t-shirt with sleeves, Be clean-shaven, Know jacket & shirt size. Hair gel/buzz cuts may reflect light & need retouching. Please check hair/tie in mirrors.

Ladies MUST: Bring/Wear bando or off-the-shoulder top. Formal is an off-the-shoulder black drape. Apply make-up & style hair prior to appointment. Quick “touch-ups” may be done in St. Sebastian room. Please check hair/tie in our mirrors.
Our staff is not responsible for hair styling. Check your appearance prior to your sitting.
Online gallery: All proofs will be available to view on our gallery by October 26, 2016.
YB DEADLINE DATE: All students must mail or email their yearbook choice by Nov. 12.
YB selections are retouched free of charge (facial blemishes only). Other retouch costs are noted on order form. YB selections w/retouch requests, must be mailed with payment.
Please place your blue order form in a safe place until you can view your proofs on our gallery. Do not bring payment to your in-school appointment. (Only $20 cash c/g pose paid at appt)

QUESTIONS? Calls are always welcome, but during our busy “portrait season”, office/studio hours are very limited, so it may be more efficient to email – All emails will be answered within 24 hours. (The answers to many “senior questions” can be found on blue order form) 

Senior Portrait RETAKE Schedule (Updated on 11/14)

Please come to the St Sebastian room at the BEGINNING of your scheduled period. Students scheduled during lunch period should inform our staff when they arrive and they will be taken first. The optional cap/gown pose will only be taken during scheduled appt. and cash fee must be paid at time of sitting. Thank you !

PERIOD 1 - 9:55 - 10:24
Watson, Emma
Warshaw, Bryanna
Vitale, Ben
Vilinsky, Chad
Toy, Brenna
Thomas, Jael
Thermogene, Maesha
Tartaro, Alice
Rubenstein, Brianna

PERIOD 2 - 10:28-10:57
Schiavone, Andre
Rutkowski, Sandra
Russell, Kelly
Roff, Emily
Redes, Jacqueline
Porazzo, Katelyn
Plevritis, Nik
Pineda, Maria
Pfundstein, Megan
Pedersen, Kiersten

PERIOD 3 - 11:01- 11:30
Squicciarini, Sarah
Pearson, Maureen
Parkhurst, Emily
Oriani, Maggie
Muratore, Eleni
Mundy, Thea
Miller, Brianna
Maniscalco, Kaitlin
Mancuso, Neil
Harvey, Megan
Fleurmont, Cassandra

PERIOD 4 - 11:34-12:03
Silk, Kyla
Livingston, Dana
Lettieri, Elizabeth
Larkin, Haley
Kurtin, Brianna
Kobs, Kailyn
Knoblach, Kaitlyn
Kelly, Brendan
Ilardi, William
Harmaty, Alexander

PERIOD 6 - 12:40-1:09
Grant, Michael
Evaristo, Sharissa-Ann
Dompkowski, Thomas
DeAngelis, Gerard
Cote, Kiersten
Chin, Allison
Cappas, Christopher
Cabrera, Rebecca
Bowles, Katherine
Boll, Alyssa

PERIOD 7 - 1:13 - 1:42
Bohack, Holly
Bennett, Caleigh
Barrett, Ryan
Argiros, Hannah
Archbold, Erin
Aquino, Emma
Ammazzolorso, Andrew
Amato, Jaclyn

PERIOD 8 - 1:46 - 2:15
Tellus, Gary
Marry, Brendan
Huff, Devaunn
Harvey, Megan
Gomez, Eva
Galvez, Amanda
Cubillos, Marissa
Carelus, Megan
Capasso, Louis