It’s never too late to get involved!

The 2023-24 Activities Spreadsheet Is Now Available!

Any students interested in Extracurricular, Co-Curricular, STEM, Apostolic, or Athletic Activities, please use the link to the right to see a list of every Activity, When and Where they meet, as well as the Moderator of each Activity. 

An important part of the high school experience is the participation with fellow students and faculty members in activities of personal interest and development. Kellenberg Memorial High School offers a full range of sports and activities which stimulate and develop the interests of each student. Co-curricular activities allow the student to pursue interests and talents related to the course of study. Extracurricular activities give the student a chance to serve and to pursue interests not directly related to their studies.

School Awards for Activities

Students receive a Kellenberg pin for each activity whose requirements they successfully fulfill. Students may wear any three school pins on their school blazer.

Awards Assemblies

The Academic Awards Assembly is held at the beginning of each academic year. At this school assembly recognition is given to students who have attained scholastic honors. The Activity Awards Assembly is held at the end of the school year to present all non-athletic awards.

Click on the name of an activity for more information.