Dear Juniors and Parents,

The academic program at Kellenberg Memorial includes four full years of study in all subject areas. Our goal is to provide a liberal arts program that prepares each student for higher studies. I would like to present an opportunity for the current juniors as they prepare for their senior year.

Over the course of the last few years we have offered three elective courses during the senior year. The courses are Senior Computer, Art Portfolio Preparation, and Music Theory. The purpose of the three courses is to offer interested students the opportunity to explore more deeply these subjects and increase their skills. Students not participating in one of these courses will be scheduled for additional study periods. Students participating in these courses will continue to have one regularly scheduled period of study each day, unless participating in Band, Chorus, or Orchestra. Selection of a Senior elective is NOT mandatory. Please also note that once a student commits to and begins an elective course, she / he is expected to complete the year long obligation. Please consider this responsibility in advance of signing up or applying for a course.

The Computer course offers three distinct possibilities to maximize the student experience in a particular area of computer science. The three possibilities are: 1. Computer Science, 2. Advanced Computer Applications, and 3. Digital Media. Students should consult the flyer to learn about the distinctions within each class and then choose ONE of the classes for next year if they are interested. This course will meet three periods per cycle, alternating with the required Art 12 course. Students will receive 1⁄2 credit for successfully completing this course.

The Art Portfolio Preparation course aims to increase the skill and experience of art students at a more rapid and serious level than what would be achieved in the Art 12 course. It explores different types of material, exposes the student to greater exercises in creativity, and provides an opportunity to develop a portfolio of work which is needed when applying for an Art major or minor at college. For those who have a strong interest in art, but are not certain if they wish to pursue it in college, Portfolio Prep provides a great opportunity to go beyond the Art 12 course. Additionally, there is an option to gain college credit.

Music Theory explores music composition concepts from a theoretical standpoint. It is an introduction into the fundamentals of music theory and notation. Emphasis is placed on the development of a general understanding of fundamental principles of music theory, pitch and rhythm notation, melodic structure and harmony. In addition, this course is designed to foster a better understanding of the music that a student may perform, create or listen to. It will also prepare students for college level introductory music courses.

Please discuss these possibilities. Please note that students can sign up for one of the courses. The possibility of signing up for two is very specific to each student’s schedule. Any student considering two of these courses should contact Mr. Conrade personally to discuss the viability of the choice in next year’s schedule. Specific information and applications are available on the KMHS website under 2021 SENIOR ELECTIVES.

Mr. Kenneth J. Conrade
Assistant Principal for Academics