The specific aim of KAPA is to promote the best interests of Kellenberg Memorial High School and the Province of Meribah, as well as to create a social interest among its members and to provide a means of financial support for the school through participation and activities.

Sign up for KAPA’s Diamond Club

The Diamond Club has two monthly winners of $50.00 each (September to June).  In addition to these drawings, we have an additional  $100.00 drawing at our first KAPA event, the November Dinner Theater, and a grand prize drawing of $500.00 at our last KAPA event (see winners sheet).

If you elect to join the Diamond Club, you will need to select a three-digit number from 001 to 999 and note it on the Diamond Club form. Existing Diamond Club members may maintain their current number or select a new one.

Diamond Club is available for the cost of $30.00 for a three-digit number per year.  You may purchase more than one three-digit number or “sponsor” friends and family members as Diamond Club members for an additional $30.00 per three-digit number per year.

See below to sign up for KAPA or the Diamond Club.

KAPA Officers for 2021-2023
Maureen & Bradley Kass – parents of Meredith Kass ’19

Events Coordinators:
Pat & Steve Collins – parents of Elizabeth Collins ’19
Laurie & Mike Henneborn – parents of Aidan Henneborn ’20

Recording Secretary:
Zinnia Messina – parent of Michael ’19 and Kaitlyn Messina ’23

Apostolic Events:
Jeff Byrnes – parent of Kevin ’17 & Kaitlin Byrnes ’18

Brother Roger Poletti, S.M.

Father Albert F. Bertoni, S.M.

Board of Directors (2021–2023)
Past Presidents of KAPA
Joe and Diane Reiser (2018-2021)
John and Liz Farella (2016-2018)
Ed & Grace Cramsie (2014-2016)
Brian and Denise Miles (2012-2014)

KAPA Upcoming Events