Father Philip K. Eichner, S.M.

  • Director of Development
  • Management of School Facilities
  • Cafeteria Supervisor
  • Athletic Supervisor

Brother Kenneth M. Hoagland, S.M.

  • Chief Executive of the School
  • Director of Development
  • Faculty Supervisor
  • Personnel Director
  • Moderator of Parents Club
  • Moderator of PRIME


Assistant Principal for Academics
Mr. Kenneth Conrade

  • Chairman of the Academic Committee
  • Assistant Faculty Supervisor
  • Director of Commencement Activities
  • Curriculum Development
  • Director of School Computer System
  • Scheduling and Report Cards
  • Director of Triple “A” Program
  • Liaison with Public School Districts

Assistant Principal for Admissions
Mr. John Benintendi

  • Director of High School Admissions
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Open House
  • Entrance Examination
  • High School Orientation
  • Calendar

Assistant Principal for Guidance
Father Albert F. Bertoni, S.M.

  • Director of Guidance Department
  • Director of College Placement Services
  • Summer School Coordinator
  • Moderator of Alumni Parents Club
  • Assistant Chaplain

Assistant Principal for Activities
Brother Roger A. Poletti, S.M.

  • Chairman of the Activities Committee
  • Director of Student Activities
  • Assembly Coordinator
  • Assistant Moderator of Alumni Parents Club

Dean of Students
Mr. John Mccutcheon

  • High School Disciplinarian
  • Student Parking Supervisor

Dean of Women
Mrs. Jennifer Mulligan

  • High School Disciplinarian for Girls
  • Uniform Supervisor

Director of Apostolic Activities
Mr. Bryan Finn

  • Director of Religious Services and Activities
  • Director of Retreat Programs
  • Director of Sodality

Father Thomas A. Cardone, S.M.

  • ​Assistant Provincial, Province of Meribah

Athletic Director
Mr. John Fechtmann

  • Supervisor of Interscholastic Athletics
  • Supervisor of Intramural Activities
  • Director of Summer Camps

Assistant Principal for Latin School
Miss Maria Korzekwinski

  • Supervisor of the Latin School Program
  • Assistant Faculty Supervisor

Dean of Latin School
Mrs. Tara Riker

  • Latin School Disciplinarian
  • Latin School Admissions

Dean of Latin School Boys
Mr. Matthew Kirk

  • Latin School Disciplinarian

Director of Latin School Student Services
Mr. Brendan Narell

Director of Library and Media Services
Brother David L. Bruner, S.M.

  • Library Supervisor
  • Moderator of Alumni Association

Financial Supervisor
Mrs. Marietta Tartamella

  • Comptroller of Academic and Activity Funds

Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Mr. Christopher Cartier


Supervisor of Building Maintenance
Mr. Christopher Fasano
Mr. Kevin Hanifan​


Assistant Supervisor of Building Maintenance
Mr. Jimmy Payne


Attendance Officer
Mr. Kevin A’hearn

  • Moderator of Summer Camps

Provincial, Province of Meribah
​Bro. Timothy Driscoll, S.M.


Non-Administrative Personnel

Director of Advancement

Mrs. Denise Miles

Director of Technical Productions

Mr. Jeff Harris

Director of Information Technology

Mr. James Campbell

Director of Websites & Social Media

Mr. Eric Harnisch

Director of Alumni Relations

Mr. Thomas Huggard

Director of Retreat Programs

Mrs. Trista Harnisch