Bro. Kenneth M. Hoagland, S.M.

  • Chief Executive of the School
  • Director of Development
  • Management of School Facilities
  • Cafeteria Supervisor
  • Personnel Director
  • Moderator of Parents Club

Assistant Principal for Academics
Mr. Kenneth J. Conrade

  • Chairman of the Academic Committee
  • Assistant Faculty Supervisor
  • Director of Commencement Activities
  • Curriculum Development
  • Scheduling and Report Cards

Assistant Principal for Activities
Bro. Roger A. Poletti, S.M.

  • Chairman of the Activities Committee
  • Director of Student Activities
  • Assembly Coordinator
  • Moderator of Kellenberg Alumni Parents Assoc. (KAPA)

Assistant Principal for Guidance
Mrs. Ruth Marconi

  • Director of Guidance Department
  • Director of College Placement Services
  • Summer School Supervisor

Assistant Principal for Latin School
Miss Maria Korzekwinski

  • Supervisor of the Latin School Program
  • Assistant Faculty Supervisor

Assistant Principal for Admissions
Mr. John Benintendi

  • Director of High School Admissions
  • Calendar Coordinator
  • Co-Moderator of PRIME

Dean of Students
Mr. John McCutcheon

  • High School Disciplinarian
  • Student Parking Supervisor
  • Director of Maria Regina Alumni Association

Dean of Women
Mrs. Jennifer Mulligan

  • High School Disciplinarian
  • Uniform Supervisor

Chaplain of the High School
Fr. Thomas A. Cardone, S.M.

Chaplain of the Brother Joseph C. Fox Latin School
Fr. Daniel M. Griffin, S.M. 

  • Supervisor of Latin School Retreats

Director of Apostolic Activities
Mr. Bryan Finn

  • Director of Religious Services and Activities
  • Director of Retreat Programs
  • Director of Sodality

Athletic Director
Mr. John Fechtmann

  • Supervisor of Interscholastic Sports
  • Director of Intramurals
  • Supervisor of Athletic Clubs

Assistant Principal for Personnel & Communications
Mr. Robert York

  • Director of Triple “A” Program
  • Liaison with Public School Districts
  • Assistant Faculty Supervisor
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Director of Parent Relations
  • Assistant Moderator of the Parents Club
  • Co-Moderator of PRIME

Dean of Latin School Girls
Mrs. Tara Riker

  • Latin School Disciplinarian
  • Latin School Admissions

Dean of Latin School Boys
Mr. Matthew Kirk

  • Latin School Disciplinarian

Financial Supervisor
Mrs. Marietta Tartamella

  • Controller of Academic and Activity Funds

Director of Student Services for the Latin School
Mr. Brendan Narell

  • Coordinator of Latin School Guidance
  • Coordinator of National Junior Honor Society
  • Latin School Attendance Officer

Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Mr. Christopher Cartier

Director of Guidance Emeritus
Fr. Albert F. Bertoni, S.M.

  • Chaplain of KAPA

Supervisor of Landscaping
Mr. Curtis Isaac

Supervisors of Building Maintenance
Mr. Christopher Fasano
Mr. Kevin Hanifan

Supervisor of Cleaning Maintenance
Mr. Jimmy Payne

Attendance Supervisor
Mr. Kevin A’Hearn

Director of Advancement
Mrs. Denise Miles

  • Assistant Moderator of KAPA

Director of Information Technology
Mr. James Campbell

  • Director of School Computer System

Provincial, Province of Meribah
Bro. Timothy Driscoll, S.M.