The services of the Guidance Department are integral to the educational program at Kellenberg Memorial. Guidance Counselors, who are teachers, assist and support students as they transition to the school environment, create personal and academic goals, engage in healthy decision making, and prepare for the demands of post-secondary education. Additionally, we have a full-time Social Worker who supervises crisis interventions and provides support and direction for students with mental health or social-emotional issues. Finally, the Guidance Department is responsible for record keeping and management as well as standardized testing, including the PSAT and SAT exams.

Mrs. Ruth Marconi – Assistant Principal of Guidance
(516) 292-0200 x251 • mrsmarconi@kellenberg.org

Guidance Personnel

Class of 2026

Freshman Guidance

Abate – Lyons
Mrs. Mairen
Guidance Office

Macias – Placide
Mr. Willaim Masiulis ’01
Office next to 221

Pollard – Sgro
Mrs. Mary Beth Farrell ’05
Office between 201 & 259

Sharkey – Zuckerman
Mr. Joseph Beyrouty ’92
Office between 201 & 259

Class of 2025

Sophomore Guidance

Aboueid – Lezcano
Ms. Kathryn Riveiro ’13
Office next to 221

Ligarzewski – Pagano
Mr. Shaun Moran ’04
Office between 101 & 103
Paladino – Severino
Mr. Christopher Alfalla ’94
Office by Boys Locker Room
Seward – Ziegler
Mrs. Hart-Simonelli
Office next to 221

Class of 2024

Junior Guidance

Abbatiello – Contino
Mrs. Anne Masiulis ’02
Office between 201 & 259

Cooney – Gornstein
Mr. James Krug
Office by 229

Grawehr – Reiter
Mr. Christopher Lyons ’07
Office between 201 & 259

Rella – Zaslow
Bro. Patrick Cahill, S.M.
Office in the ARK, Second Floor

Class of 2023

Senior Guidance

Aboueid – Curley
Bro. Michael Gillen
Guidance Office

Da Silva – Hickland
Mr. Matthew Bursig
Office next to 249

Hill – Sharkey
Ms. Aiosa
Office between 201 & 259

Sheehan – Turcios
Mr. Christopher Lyons ’07
Office between 201 & 259

Turner – Zorn
Ms. Aiosa
Office between 201 & 259

Guidance Support Personnel

Mrs. Yolette Greene
School Social Worker
Guidance Office

Ms. Denise Urbanski
School Social Worker
Office between 201 & 259

Dr. Tabitha Brandt-Tiven
School Psychologist
Guidance Office