(Updated April 26, 2022)

Instructions for Summer Reading assignment:
  1. Select any two books in your category to read.
  2. New, hard copies (i.e. not digital editions) of both books must be purchased for each student.
  3. The student’s name must be written across the binding of each book.
  4. Both books must be annotated.  (See video link.)
  5. In September, both books will be checked (with points allotted for annotations), and students will have access to these books during the assessment.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Agulles (grade 9, mrsagulles@kellenberg.org) or Mrs. vonSchoenermarck (grades 10-12, mrsvon@kellenberg.org).

You may purchase summer reading books through Amazon.
Please click the title of the book to be taken to Amazon.com where you may order your books.

Freshman Summer Reading Titles:

Sophomore Summer Reading Titles:

Junior Summer Reading Titles:

Senior Summer Reading Titles: