Kellenberg’s relationship with colleges and universities throughout the world is important to us, and we hope you find the information below supportive in your work.

To make an appointment, please do so online at RepVisits. If you need further information, please contact Ms. Gabrielle Gulmi at msgulmi@kellenberg.org or by phone (516)292-0200 x391.

College Visit to Kellenberg

Our structure has changed due to COVID-19.
Please review our new procedure:

Virtual High School Visits will be offered at 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM, and 7:00 PM.

  1.  Interested students will be given the opportunity to sign up by using a Google Form.
    • Kellenberg Memorial will collect an Inquiry Card for you.
    • The College Placement Office will also collect questions from our students. Please let us know if that’s how you would like to tailor your visit.
  2. The College Placement Office will share Google Form responses with you. 
  3. You, as College Rep, will provide our office with any presentations, videos, or other media prior to the event to be converted to PDF or other viable formats.
    • Please note each visit will last approximately 30 minutes.
  4. About 20 minutes prior to the event, you will be invited by email, as College Rep, to join the virtual visit via our conference interface with the link/code.
  5. You will log into the session using the code provided and accessing the camera and microphone features.
  6. We will have a student ambassador or Ms. Gulmi, College Placement Liaison greet you. We will have the opportunity to chat about what’s new at your institution and Kellenberg Memorial.
  7. The session will be recorded for later viewing.

Upcoming Events

Fall 2020 College Fair – September (Date TBA) – For registration information, please log on to RepVisits to sign up.