Due to the COVID-19 protocol, student food services are currently unavailable.

The Phoenix Cafe is a full-service cafeteria offering breakfast, lunch and after school menus.  All menus offer students affordable and nutritious options any time of day.  Breakfast, served from 7:30 AM through 8:10 AM on school days, offers bagels, freshly-baked muffins, yogurt, and beverages.

Lunch, available each lunch period, serves up a rotational and delicious main course for which menus are available each month on Kellenberg.org.  In addition to the daily special, gourmet sandwiches with premium meats and cheeses are available daily.  Dessert items include freshly baked cookies and assorted packaged candy. 

Beverages include Poland Spring bottled water, Snapple Iced Teas, other thirst-quenching items.  Finally, after school, students can enjoy their afternoon with friends and order freshly made French fries served with ketchup and cheese.  Available from 3:00 PM through 5:00 PM, the Phoenix Cafe serves up snacks, candy, and beverages to satisfy any need.