Pope St. John Paul II once wisely stated, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

In order to ensure that countless generations of Firebirds receive an equally innovative Catholic, liberal arts education rooted in the Marianist tradition in the future, the administration of Kellenberg Memorial is taking bold steps today. A dedicated, dynamic Advisory Board has been established in order to guide and assist the administration as it strategically plans the steps to be taken to shape the vision for the future of the school.

With valued input from the members of the Advisory Board, Kellenberg Memorial continues to evolve while remaining committed to offering an unparalleled education of the heart and mind which includes a rigorous college preparatory curriculum offered alongside a vibrant apostolic program, a wide range of student clubs and activities, and a strong athletics program.

Kellenberg Memorial High School Advisory Board

Brother Kenneth Hoagland, S.M.


Phil Westerman P’11, ’13, ’17

Alexandra (Williams) Sullivan ’98

Eileen Liddy P’12

Father Thomas Cardone, S.M.

Committee Chairpeople

Eileen Alexanderson P’06, ’08, ’12
Investment Committee

Richard Conniff P’13, ’15, ’18
Facilities Committee

Noreen McQuade Leahy *MR’77, P’04, ’07, ’10
Education Committee

James McBrien, MD ’89, P’15, ’20, ’25
Mission Committee

Jim Rowen P’16
Finance Committee 

Linda Talbot P’12, ’13
Campaign Success Committee

Members at Large

Mike Archbold P’15, ’17
Pat Darcy ’96, P’23, ’25, ’26
Brother Timothy Driscoll, S.M.
John Fiore P’09, ’11, ’13, ’15
June Keller P’17
Hilary Cunningham McDevitt ‘93, P’23
John Muenzen ’97
Bob Murray P’10, ’12, ’15
Lynda Rubino P’16, ’18
Sanoj Stephen ’93

*MR indicates Maria Regina Diocesan High School