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Explore what a Marianist education offers for each student. Our curriculum promotes the greatest intellectual competence together with the highest moral character. The scope of the curriculum provides for a liberal education which meets the most stringent of college entrance requirements.

Guidance & College Placement

The Guidance Department is integral to the educational program at Kellenberg Memorial. Guidance Counselors assist and support students each day. Additionally, we have a full-time Social Worker who supervises crisis interventions and provides support and direction for students with mental health or social-emotional issues.

We're here to help every student succeed and thrive in their spiritual, personal, and academic growth through their time at Kellenberg Memorial.

The Latin School

The classical education offered by the Bro. Joseph C. Fox Latin School provides a solid foundation for high school studies. The Latin School is housed in the same building as Kellenberg Memorial High School. The classes are held in a designated section of the school. Sixth, seventh and eighth-grade students have use of all the school’s facilities: library, computer and science laboratories, gymnasium, cafeteria, etc.

Hear from Parents & Alumni

Hear from members of our greater Kellenberg Family including a network of over 13,000 Firebird alumni.

How was Kellenberg Memorial prepared for the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The academic challenges raised by the pandemic were handled with patience and careful attention to our children’s needs. We can not express how much we value and appreciate all that you have done to keep our children both actively learning and engaged during this very trying time.

Kellenberg’s preparedness for and flexibility during this unprecedented event are truly impressive.

Mr. and Mrs. Urban
Latin School Parents

Faith in Action

The Kellenberg Memorial experience is primarily a faith experience in the context of a school community. The religious life of the school centers around the ARK. The ARK is our campus ministry center. The word ARK stands for Apostolic Response at Kellenberg. Known for its spiral staircase, the ARK is home for our religious activities and serves as the place that organizes the faith life of our school.

Extracurricular & Cocurricular Activities

An important part of the high school experience is the participation with fellow students and faculty members in activities of personal interest and development. Kellenberg Memorial High School offers a full range of activities that stimulate and develop the interests of each student. Co-curricular activities allow the student to pursue interests and talents related to the course of study. Extracurricular activities give the student a chance to serve and to pursue interests not directly related to their studies.


The Kellenberg Athletic program exists to support our educational mission, working in close conjunction with our Spiritual and Academic programs, and to fulfill our overall mission of educating the whole student: the Heart, the Mind and the Body. Our Athletic program is designed to combine physical development, competition, and enjoyment as well as to promote integrity, fair play, and sportsmanship for those students who participate in it.

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