2020-2021 School Year

(Updated June 26, 2020)

Instructions for Latin School Summer Reading assignment:

For your summer reading, you are to choose two books from the list for the grade level you will be entering in September. The books must be purchased because you will need to bring them to school on the day of your summer reading assessment.

As you read each book, you must annotate the book. This will be looked at by your teacher and will count as part of your grade. Annotating is taking notes and commenting on the text to deepen your understanding and comprehension of the text. These notes help you to understand and organize what you read.

When you annotate, you should be highlighting important details, writing notes in the margins, and using post-its to summarize, make connections to the text, jot down personal opinions/reflections, question things you do not understand, and react to characters and story events.

Pay particular attention to:

  1. Setting – time and place
  2. Characterization – descriptions and clues about characters including direct and indirect character traits
  3. Plot – major events in the story including conflicts, resolutions, and character actions that influence the story
  4. Themes – author’s main message or messages

It may be helpful to summarize events at the end of each chapter to help assist you in the recall of major story events.

The summer reading assessment will be given within the first two weeks of school. It will be a written exam and you will be able to use your annotated book and post-its while you write your answers.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Agulles (mrsagulles@kellenberg.org).

You may purchase summer reading books through Amazon.
Please click the title of the book to be taken to Amazon.com where you may order your books.