The St. Thomas Aquinas League is an activity open to all high school students.

There are 5 different sections which meet each week that the students can choose to participate in: The Philosophy Section, The St. John Paul II Section, the Pro-Life section, The Media Section, and the Law and Government Section.

Each section meets to discuss various topics which are effect all Catholics each and every day. The discussions are student-organized and every member is encouraged to voice their opinion while at the same time deepening their knowledge of their Catholic faith while learning how to explain and defend our faith in the wider culture.

The Aquinas League also offers retreats and evenings of recollection at Kellenberg Memorial’s own Emmanuel Retreat House as well as an annual retreat at Founder’s Hollow in upstate New York.

The Aquinas League is a great way to have your voice heard, meet incredible people, and most importantly, grow in knowledge, understanding, and love of our Catholic Faith.