The band provides interested students with a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular musical activities. The band is open to all students who are not already members of the chorus or the orchestra.

There are four bands at Kellenberg Memorial. Two bands exist on the high school level, grades 9 to 12. The Phoenix Band is for the more experienced high school musicians. The Firebird Band is for the less experienced high school musicians. The Latin School level, grades 6 to 8, also has two bands. The Praetorian Band is for the more experienced musicians, and the Centurion Band is for the less experienced musicians. Musical talent, not academic grade level, determines your placement in our high school and Latin School level band program. All students must audition to be selected for any band. All band members are required to participate in the NYSSMA Solo Festival.

All bands, in conjunction with the chorus and orchestra, give two public performances each year; the Christmas and Spring Concerts. Attendance is mandatory at these two concerts. In addition, the Phoenix Band is required to perform at the school’s graduation ceremony. 

All members of the band are required to take individual, weekly music lessons which are scheduled during regular school hours. 

Because of the dual purpose of the Band Department, namely, personal proficiency in instrumental music and participation in a performing art, school credit is given to band members.

Band practices are held every school day as a regular part of the school schedule. Since these practices are scheduled for the school day, members of the band program are free to participate in all other non-athletic and athletic activities.

Students electing to participate in band are committed to this program for one academic year. Students are permitted to renew or discontinue their participation only in June for the following school year. Auditions for the bands are held each May.

Drummers who do not make it into the band program can join our independent study program. This program is managed by our drum instructor and is designed to help the individual gain strong skills, which can help them on this highly competitive instrument. This program requires lessons outside the school. The drummers may also audition for the band next May.