The object of the General Student Organization (GSO) is the participation of the student body with the faculty and parents in promoting the goal of the school: the formation of the Christian person of civility, order and respect in all areas of life — religious, moral, intellectual, social, physical and emotional. To this end the GSO organizes apostolic, recreational, intramurals, divisional night, and social activities for the students. Through their activities the members of the GSO render a service to their fellow students while they themselves experience the maturing demands of responsibility and commitment which help to develop reliability and competence.

In order to encourage greater participation from the student body, the General Student Organization is organized on a divisional basis. Membership is open to all students who attend weekly meetings. Divisional Councils are guided by the Divisional Moderators. The Divisional Moderators and their respective councils run school events and activities. All funds and budgets are under the supervision of the Divisional Moderators.