Sacristans serve as assistants in the A.R.K. on a daily basis. Students work organizing and preparing for the many religious activities in the school.

Sacristans prepare for School Masses which are held in the auditorium and gymnasium on a monthly basis. Some students prepare the altar and the vessels and take care of the details which are necessary in order to celebrate the Mass. Others assist as servers, lectors or Eucharistic Ministers.

Sacristans also work on the Annual Communion Breakfast preparations, Midnight Mass and the Baccalaureate Mass. Advent, Lent and Easter become opportunities for the Sacristans to exercise their creativity as they attempt to make the school faith community aware of the religious significance of these seasons. During these times Prayer Services are held in the auditorium where the Sacristans take a particular theme and develop it through music, drama and simple prayer.

Sacristans put up posters throughout school on a regular basis highlighting particular religious themes and religious events. Throughout the course of the year, the Sacristans organize the distribution of many prayer cards and liturgical leaflets which are given to all students.