Freshman/Sophomore CROSS Saint Reflection by Natalie Montufar

Nov 25 2013

St. Cecilia is very influential to the Catholic church as a Roman martyr and saint. She was martyred by execution for not believing in the many gods of the Romans. She spread her faith to her husband and her husband’s brother, and this inspires me to help my friends and family understand their faith more intently.  St. Cecilia is the patroness of musicians and her feast day is November 22. To me the most breathtaking thing done by her was that when she was being beheaded, she held up three fingers still professing that she believes in the Trinity. She was not only young and beautiful, but she never once regretted believing and professing about Jesus Christ. St. Cecilia also implored to angels and saints to protect her virginity. Her incredible teachings converted at least 400 people. Another interesting fact is that inside her tomb is a life size statue of her laying down. St. Cecilia testifies to all the miracles that penetrate our lives and makes us want to live for God alone no matter what it costs.


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