We are pleased to invite our Firebirds in each grade level and their grandparents to celebrate a special Mass, followed by brunch, on Sundays in September and October. Please see below for details and registration forms. 

We look forward to seeing our Firebird Grandparents at the upcoming Masses!

Please find below important details for the day.


Mass is scheduled to begin at 9 AM. Due to traffic caused by bus activity on campus each morning, we ask that grandparents arrive no earlier than 8:30 AM.


Parking will be available on campus, as well as in a nearby overflow parking lot. Those who park in the overflow lot will be provided with door-to-door bus transportation. Staff members and senior students will be directing traffic and assisting grandparents.

Entry & Handicap Access

Those requiring handicap access will be directed to use the “Holy Family” entrance, which is located near the flagpole. The main entrance to the school building will also be open.

Mass (9 AM to 10 AM)

Grandparents will be given nametags upon check-in. Locations for the various grade level gatherings are as follows: Sophomores (September 20th) – Mass will be held in the auditorium, followed by brunch in the gym. Freshmen (October 10th) – Mass will be held in the gymnasium, followed by brunch in the cafeteria. Latin School (October 19th) – Mass will be in the auditorium, followed by brunch in the gymnasium.

Breakfast (10 AM to 11 AM)

Once Mass is over, students will find their grandparents at their seats and escort them to breakfast. Grandparents may be seated while freshman students retrieve and serve breakfast items for their guests.


Following the event, vehicles are asked to leave the parking lot promptly in order to allow school buses access to the campus for dismissal.



If you have any questions regarding the day, please feel free to call the Office of Advancement at (516) 292-0200 x245.