"At Kellenberg Memorial, we teach by relationship."

– Fr. Thomas Cardone, S.M., Chaplain of the School

As our society was bracing for times of uncertainty, Kellenberg Memorial continued to be proactive and prepare for the possibility of school closure and remote learning to take the place of in-school instruction.  Kellenberg led by it’s IT Department conducted Schoology (Learning Management System) training sessions with all faculty in early March.  These sessions brought education and practical use of the conferencing feature which would be instrumental in a remote learning period.

Timeline of Remote Learning Implementation

As news of the COVID-19 pandemic increased, Kellenberg Memorial’s IT department took measures to prepare for the possibility of a remote learning environment. Faculty were trained internally to be able to conduct their classes remotely if it became necessary. 

On the evening of March 11 education on Long Island came to a halt as many schools were closing for an undisclosed period of time while we all waited for direction for federal, state, and local officials.

Monday, March 16, students were meeting with their teachers remotely in the traditional bell schedule. Homework assignments were issued and submitted back by students, lessons were being taught through the class conference feature, and students were “virtually” participating by raising their hands and dialoguing with their teachers.

Students concluded each of their classes for the trimester by reviewing their Trimester Exam with their teachers in virtual conferences. Students were assigned numerical grades based on their merits, both in the classroom and in the remote learning environments.

Following the school’s Regular Schedule, classes resumed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, allowing for Wednesday to be set aside for students to conference with the members and moderators of the clubs and activities they ordinarily would have enjoyed while in school.

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