Sixth Grade Students Visit Wickham's Farm in Cutchogue

Oct 29 2014

Article by Kalliopi Gatzoflias, class of 2015:

On October 10, while the rest of Kellenberg prepared to for another day at school, the sixth grade prepared for a day like no other. On that day, the cadets ventured out east to Cutchogue to spend the day at Wickham’s Fruit Farm.

The day kicked off with a short video and a presentation from Mr. Brennan. It was about expressing our Christian faith in this day and age and how we live it out on a daily basis. Then we filed out to the buses to begin the one and a half hour journey to the farm. When we arrived we split up into two groups. Homerooms 6A and 6B first went to the apple trees to pick some of the most delicious, fresh, and crisp apples followed by a hay ride to see the rest of the farm. At the same time, homerooms 6C and 6D went pumpkin picking and gained some interesting information about honey bees from Mrs. Wickham. Then the two groups swapped activities.

We regrouped a little after noon to sit down for lunch together. After we finished eating, we were allowed to hop on line to buy some homemade treats at the farm stand. The line might have been long, but it was well worth the wait. Everyone left Wickham’s Fruit Farm that day with arms full of pies, apples, donuts, cider and honey, and with hearts full on everlasting memories.