Support the Campaign

Spreading Our Wings has already raised $9M! 

We need to raise another $1M to successfully finish the campaign to fund the many projects which have already been completed, as well as more on the horizon. 

Reaching our goal of $10M is of paramount importance in ensuring that Kellenberg Memorial remains one of the foremost leaders of Catholic education on Long Island for years to come. Remember that every gift to the campaign, regardless of the amount, moves us collectively toward our goal.

1,000 Donors Giving $1,000

Would you like to be part of making history at Kellenberg Memorial High School? 

We are looking for a generous group of 1,000 donors giving $1,000 each. This is a unique opportunity to increase the impact of your gift. 

Your $1,000 donation (which can be fulfilled over the course of three years at a payment frequency you choose to suit your budget) – combined with the collective power of 999 fellow benefactors – will serve as the final push to get us across the $10M finish line. 

You would have the distinct honor of being part of the transformative group that successfully closes out Kellenberg Memorial’s first-ever capital campaign!

Multi-Year Pledges

If you are interested in making a pledge to the campaign to be fulfilled over several years, please explore the options below or contact Karen Simons, Capital Campaign Director, at or (516) 292-0200 x320 to discuss your pledge. We are happy to talk through the variety of giving options that are available. 

For example, here are breakdowns for several popular commitment levels into multi-year pledges: