Class of 2017 Senior Superlatives

Jun 03 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 Senior Superlative winners!

Most Likely to Succeed:

Natalie Montufar and Thomas Greco

Most Studious:

Maximillian Calleo and Emily Roff


Most Friendly: 

Mary Donnelly and Garry Tellus


Most Talkative: 

Kathleen Carroll and Paul LaFranca


Best Smile: 

Kevin Gomes and Anna Lieza Bradshaw


Most Artistic: 

Jeremy Capuder and Sophie Wilson


Most Athletic: 

Alyssa Boll and Andrew Sluka


Most Spirited: 

Kiersten Cote and Andrea Goodman


Most Musical: 

Sean Crosby and Angela Paton


Most Humorous: 

Sarah Wood and Sal Cirasola


Most Involved: 

Bridget Murphy and Chazz Rahynes