Newsday: Kellenberg softball team shed some tears, then put it in gear

Jun 15 2013

Article by Newsday’s Mike Gavin:

“Forget April showers bringing May flowers. At Kellenberg, April tears brought May cheers.

Flip the calendar back to a foggy, rainy afternoon in mid-April at St. John the Baptist High School. After a 2-1 loss to the Cougars, members of the Kellenberg softball team sat on the outfield grass with tears rolling down their faces.

“We weren’t expecting to lose,” pitcher Sabrina DeAngelis said. “When we did, it was very upsetting to us. We felt like we had let everyone down.”

It was only the ninth game of a season that was merely two weeks old.

Before breaking out the, “There’s no crying in softball!” motto, understand that…”

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