Newsday Names Kerianne Scorce a Top 50 Girls Soccer Player on Long Island

Oct 01 2015
Kerianne Scorce

Kerianne Scorce

Congratulations to Keri Scorce! From Newsday: Kerrianne Scorce is a scoring threat who is strong on the ball and possesses the ability to find the net from anywhere in the offensive third. She excels at winning 50-50 balls in the air.

Currently, Keri has 3 goals and 1 assist in match play. Her head coach, Elizabeth Finn, remarks, “Keri is an offensive threat to many opposing teams. She will take on any player and look to shoot or go to the goal at every opportunity. Having returned from surgery last year, Keri has not lost her step on the field. Keri is a leader on this team and is a very good role model for our younger players in our program. She shows what hard work and determination can accomplish.”