Senior Superlatives – Class of 2016

May 27 2016

Most Likely to Succeed

Superlatives HK-7024

Daniel Ruescher and Tara Noble

Most Studious

Superlatives HK-7030

Michael Sieger and Bridget Simons

Most Involved

Spring Firebird Concert HK-8215

Edward Cramsie and Katherina Palion

Most Spirited

Spring Firebird Concert HK-8222

William Golder and Lauren Fasano

Most Talkative

Spring Firebird Concert HK-8228

JonMichael Connolly and Nicole Giampietro

Most Humorous

Spring Firebird Concert HK-8241

Christopher Turner and Julia Montgomery

Most Athletic

Spring Firebird Concert HK-8251

Steven Torre and Katherine Calabro

Most Musical

Superlatives HK-7063

Matthew Stiuso and Alexa Ford

Best Smile

Superlatives HK-7079

Joseph Braun and Nikki Scala

Most Friendly

Superlatives HK-7127

Kyle DeVerna and Julie Scuderi

Most Artistic

Superlatives HK-7038_SF

Colin O’Leary and Schenique Fouche