2015 Fall Varsity Athletic Awards

Nov 18 2015

Congratulations to the following varsity student-athletes on their awards for the 2015 fall athletic season. At the conclusion of every season, members of each varsity team are awarded the Bernie Ward Commitment Award, the Most Improved Player Award, and the Most Valuable Player Award.

The Bernie Ward Commitment Award

The Bernie Ward Commitment Award, which is named after our beloved former faculty member, coach, and colleague, Bernie Ward, is for the athlete who has displayed the most passion and commitment towards bettering themselves and their teammates during the season.

Varsity Football – Patrick Dercola


Very rarely do you hear of a player that is totally committed to a sport as early as his freshman year. This young man is that player. From the first day of freshman tryouts, he was committed to football. His offseason training was unmatched. He made every weight room session, every 7 on 7 passing workout, and never missed a meeting in his time here at Kellenberg. He was named a captain in both his junior and senior years,  that has only been done twice in the 29 years we have played football at this school. He started every game in the past two years. The Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to Patrick Dercola.

Girls Varsity Soccer – Kerrianne Scorce


This year’s Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to a player who has suffered a very long road to get to this point.  Having suffered an ACL reconstruction her freshman year, she was sidelined until her sophomore year.  When she came onto the field, she was unstoppable. She was making a huge impact in the league. She was unstoppable until she suffered another torn ACL that again sidelined her until her junior year.  Finally, this senior who was ready to make an impact appeared.  Keri Scorce attended every game, practice and meeting to be part of this team even when she might not have wanted to or needed to. This year’s commitment award goes to Captain Keri Scorce.

Gymnastics – Erin Leghart


The gymnast receiving this award has worked the hardest throughout every practice. Even though she was new to the team, she took everything in and gave it her all every single day. She worked through multiple injuries and had a tough season, but her commitment never faltered. Whether it was shin splints, elbow injuries or bloody rips from bars, she was there at every practice figuring out something that she could work on to better herself. Always eager to learn her corrections, she looked to her coaches and teammates for advice as well as helped out her own teammates on the way. This girl is a great athlete and teammate, and that is why the Bernie Ward Commitment Award goes to senior, Erin Leghart.

Girls Swimming – Victoria Faulk

Victoria Faulk

Throughout her time on the Kellenberg Varsity Swim Team, Victoria Faulk has been committed to being the best swimmer possible. She works harder than anyone else at practice, and always wants to know what she can do to be a better swimmer. This season, she swam any and almost every event, always with a cheerful attitude. Whether she was volunteering to work open house, timing at meets, or being a supportive teammate, Victoria always put the team first. She is one of the kindest, most enthusiastic, and hardest working swimmers we have ever had the pleasure to coach, and she will be greatly missed as she heads off to college next year.

Boys Cross Country – Timothy McKenna


The Bernie Ward Commitment award goes to senior, Timothy McKenna. Tim is another runner who initially struggled to make the team but his dedication to improving and desire to compete made a lasting impression on the coaching staff. On the last day of his first tryouts, we had some questions regarding his ability but it was his commitment that made a lasting impression on us. Now a year later, Tim has dropped an astounding 7 minutes off of his 5k time. A s a coaching staff we recognized his leadership abilities and named him a captain this year. His courageous leadership helped all of those around him improve and led us to a 22nd place state ranking.

Boys Soccer – Nicholas Carrozza

Nick Carrozza

When your goalkeeper suffers three concussions in two years and still finishes the season ranked number one in saves with one hundred and thirty-five, how much more commitment can you ask for? Nick Carrozza started in all twenty games this season and gave his all to help the team win. The coaching staff is so proud of Nick’s accomplishment this season.

Cheerleading – Jaclyn Terranova


This season’s Bernie Ward commitment award goes to a cheerleader who has fully dedicated herself to this team. She is one of the strongest bases on the team, and she always pushes herself and others to be better. She is constantly asking questions and finding ways to improve herself either in stunting or tumbling. Not only do we commend her on her commitment to cheerleading, but also for her positive attitude. She’s always ready to work with a smile on her face. The Varsity cheerleading commitment award goes to Jaclyn Terranova.

Dance Team – Allyson Kuppelmeyer


The recipient of the Bernie Ward Commitment Award is Ally Kuppelmeyer.  This dancer has always been a devoted and loyal team player.  Her attendance and performance at all sporting and school related events shows her true support to her teammates as well as the school.  Not only is she committed to dance team, but she is also a very active student-athlete who participates and takes part in various clubs and events at Kellenberg.  Her enthusiasm and commitment to both the team and the school is an example for all.

Girls Tennis B – Rhea Thomas-Hill


Always the first to finish warm-up laps, sprints and have her racquet in hand to begin practice, Junior Rhea Thomas-Hill is our choice for the Bernie Ward Commitment Award.  Rhea never missed a practice and clearly wanted to be there each and every time.  Although, she did not play many matches during the season her commitment to the team was undeniable!  Whether watching and cheering her teammates during season play, or assisting the coaches in monitoring a match in play, she always represented Kellenberg with poise and confidence.  Graced with natural athleticism, she worked hard to improve her tennis skill sets and we are certain will continue to do so!   Rhea was an inspiration to her fellow teammates and a very important member of our team!   We look forward to her continued success!

Girls Tennis A – Emma Soccodato


It’s rare that a freshman starts on a varsity team, let alone have much of an impact on its overall success. In addition to a perfect match record of 12-0 and earning all-league honors playing 3rd singles, Emma Soccodato displayed leadership qualities that belied her youth. Always the first on the bus for practices and matches, Emma’s contagious enthusiasm, and dogged determination during matches was admired by her teammates and her coach. Emma is all about the team, always as concerned about the outcome of her teammates’ matches as her own. Congratulations to our Bernie Ward Commitment Award winner, Emma Soccodato.

Girls Cross Country – Elizabeth Serrano

Elizabeth Serrano

When selecting Captain’s in the Lady Firebird track and cross country program, the nominees are reminded about the serious nature of responsibility and leadership the position demands. Some young Captains “get it,” and some do not. This young senior not only understood the leadership requirements that would affect all team members, but the commitment. From organizing a “Met Game bonding night” before the season even started for her teammates, to galvanizing their summer training, to encouraging their realization as a team of Faith, Ellie Serrano earns our Bernie Ward Commitment Award.

Girls Volleyball – Victoria Moulder


The heart and soul of the Kellenberg volleyball program for the last three years is Victoria Moulder.  Whether it be organizing summer workouts, planning in-season pasta parties, or selecting the team motto for the 2015 season, Tori is everything a coach could ever ask for.  Constantly putting the needs of the team before her own, Tori leads by example and has been the catalyst for our success.  Her thunderous attacks and her resounding blocks inspire all of her teammates to reach even greater heights.  An athlete who is deeply admired and respected by peers and coaches alike, Tori so richly deserves this award.

The Most Improved Player Award

The Most Improved Player Award is for the athlete who displayed the greatest amount of improvement and growth in their skills that contributed to the success of their team.

Varsity Football – Martin Jensen


The most Improved player could have made the greatest strives as a football player we have seen in many years here at Kellenberg.  He went from being a backup linebacker and defensive lineman to our starting running back. He scored in most of our games, and was a big part of all the games we won. A very tough runner, who punished opponents every time he ran the ball.  He also had the speed to run away from tacklers when he needed to do that.  A player that gave us everything he had on every snap whether it was in a game or at practice. The Most Improved Player is Martin Jensen.

Girls Varsity Soccer – Bridget Simons

Bridget Simons

The most improved player is a player who is the quietest player on the field.  She would see a few minutes throughout some games last season until finally she had become a starter.  Her foot skills improved dramatically from last season to this season.  She started the season as a starter and never came off. She had gained confidence, and it was apparent on the field.  Since she had become a staple on the field, she was greatly missed when she was not present.  This year’s Most Improved Player is Bridget Simons.

Gymnastics – Alexis Uria


Gymnastics is a sport that requires hard work and dedication to improve scores and ultimately win competitions.  In order for a gymnast to improve it is imperative that she listen and take in all corrections made by a coach or a judge. The young lady receiving the most improved award has grown so vastly this season that she was able to earn her highest scores of her gymnastics career towards the end.  She has been a light for this team and has helped all of her teammates to realize how great they can become as gymnasts.  From leading the team in prayer to cheering on every one of her fellow teammates, this girl has shown that she is full of potential and will go leaps and bounds to continue improving.  This year’s most improved award goes to senior captain, Alexis Uria.

Girls Swimming – Christelle Flores


Even though she entered the team in August as one of our weakest swimmers, freshman Christel Flores ended the season a totally different athlete. Every single practice, she pushed herself to swim faster. Christel would constantly ask the coaches what she needed to do to improve, and she would work hard to implement these changes. Christel’s dedicated work ethic enabled her to drop an impressive 5 seconds in the 50 free and over 14 seconds in the 100 free over the season. She was able to improve her times in all of the stroke events as well. We are very excited that we have another 3 years to see what this positive, enthusiastic, and committed young woman can do in the future.

Boys Cross Country – Christopher Baldwin

Chris Baldwin is the recipient of this year’s Most Improved award. Chris went from a runner who struggled to make the team his sophomore year to becoming one of our top varsity runners in his senior year. With a quiet but strong work ethic, Chris continuously improved on his craft both at home and at practice. The fruits of his labor showed this year when he dropped almost three minutes off of his personal best. We look forward to seeing more improvement from him indoors.

Boys Soccer – Michael Paredes

Michael Paredes

This senior following the conclusion of tryouts was told by the coaching staff that based on what they saw so far that he would never play this season. He entered the season out of shape and demonstrated a lack of technical touch on the ball that would make the coaching staff hesitant to put him on the field. This player by the end of the season made us eat our words since he became a full-time starter midway through the season. His physical presence on the field was not to be messed with, and it is our pleasure to award Michael Paredes with this year’s most improved.

Cheerleading – Eleni Muratore

Eleni Muratore_

The most improved Varsity cheerleader is a girl that has worked extremely hard in improving herself in all aspects of cheerleading. She has become one of the best flyers on our team, and we are very confident in her stunting abilities. We have seen great improvement in her jumps as well as her tumbling. We are very happy to have this opportunity to recognize how far she has come as a cheerleader. She is a pleasure to coach, always listening to every correction you give her and making improvements each and every time. This season’s most improved Varsity cheerleader is Eleni Muratore.

Dance Team – Magdalena Perretti


The Most Improved Player is Magdalena Perretti.  This young lady has become such a wonderful dancer.  Since the beginning of dance team until now, Magdalena has perfected her technique.  Each day she progresses, and it is evident, as her talent and skill have strengthened throughout her time on the dance team.  Her confidence and showmanship can sure be seen as she competes on all four competition teams.  Your coaches are so proud of the person and dancer you have become!

Girls Tennis B – Keara O’Driscoll


It was a difficult decision, in a season that showed the commitment and improvement of so many athletes, but it became clear during playoffs our most improved player for the Varsity Tennis B team is Co-captain Keara O’Driscoll.

Keara has been on the team for two seasons, but came back strongly to secure her position as a third singles player.  Being a singles player took on new challenges for a girl who had only played in doubles matches.  She was up for it and continued to improve her ground-strokes and service game.  Keara would eagerly ask for advice and implement any strategies the coaches recommended.  She was committed to being the best tennis player she could be and for that we are extremely grateful to have had her on our team.  We look forward to her continued success as a KMHS Tennis player next year!

Girls Tennis A – Meghan Loomie


Megan Loomie did not try out for the tennis team until her Junior year, having played only lacrosse in her first two years at Kellenberg. Her athletic skill translated well to the tennis court and she made the team despite very little playing experience. What became immediately apparent was her desire to improve, which she did continuously throughout her first season. However, when she arrived at tryouts this past August, her improvement was off the charts. She became an integral part of the starting lineup, playing first doubles alongside Jessie Moreo. Their two playoff wins over St. Francis Prep and St. Anthony’s were critical to the team winning the league championship. Congratulations to our Most Improved player, Megan Loomie.

Girls Cross Country – Nora Bennett


Most Improved. When a team inherits a new and enthused, and hard-working team member, it is always a blessing. This young woman came out for cross country for her first season, in this, her sophomore year. Not only did her upbeat and dignified countenance add much to the team, but most certainly her performances. She was our consistent number two Varsity runner during the season. She ran to the individual win at the NSCHSGAA Sophomore Championships, and her top seven finish helped the team win the NSCHSGAA team title. We are honored to award Nora Bennett the MIP Award.

Girls Volleyball – Megan Pfundstein


When the 2015 season began, it seemed as if almost all of the puzzle pieces were in place.  We had 12 players returning and five starters from the 2014 line-up, but the biggest question looming on the horizon was, who was going to be the setter for our offense?  Running the position of setter is akin to being the quarterback of a football team:  the player has to have a comprehensive grasp of the game, she must have the intuitive ability to know who give the ball to under what conditions, and she has to possess unshakable resolve and confidence.  Megan Pfundstein embraced this role, amassing astronomical numbers throughout the season.  She shattered all assists records with 732;  she served up 32 aces; and she stuffed 41 blocks.  From August to November, she emerged as the Most Improved Player on the roster!

The Most Valuable Player Award

The Most Valuable Player Award is for the athlete whose contribution to the team contributed most towards that team’s success during the season.

Varsity Football – Jesse McGlone


Usually, the Most Valuable Player is someone that is so good at doing something that you focus your whole game plan around that skill set. He could be the best passer or best blocker or maybe the best tackler. This young man did it all well. We decided to move him to whatever position we needed help at.  He was our best tackler, our best kick return man, he was moved to the offense and was our best blocker on our short yardage package.  He played through pain and never wanted to miss a snap.  A true warrior that will be a great addition to any college team he decides to play for.  The Most Valuable Player is Jesse McGlone.

Girls Varsity Soccer – Maureen Pearson


The most valuable player goes to a player who has become known as a huge threat to any defense in the league.  Players and coaches alike depend on her play and her being on the field.  She would set the tone of the game almost immediately.  She would attack the ball, and the goal always like the game depended on it.  She was a positive energy on and off the field and would always be willing give her 100% at practice and games.  We thankfully have another year of her ferocious play and intimidating speed and skill.  This year’s Most Valuable Player is Maureen Pearson.

Gymnastics – Alyssa Kosubinsky


The gymnast receiving this reward has been a driving force for this varsity team throughout the entire season.  She is one of the three senior captains and easily one of the most valuable assets to our team.  Although she excelled on the floor exercise and balance beam, she has put in so much effort to help the team on all four events. This young lady placed in the top ten at the league championship competition, which is such a huge accomplishment for any senior athlete. The most valuable player of the 2015 Kellenberg Varsity Gymnastics team, without a doubt, goes to Alyssa Kosubinsky.

Girls Swimming – Marisa Martinez


Marisa Martinez is not only a talented swimmer; she is also one of the hardest working swimmers on the team. Even though her specialty is the 100 Fly, she can swim any event well. Over the season, she amassed a total of 6 first place finishes, and 4-second place finishes in her races, which is extremely impressive considering how much talent and speed there is in the CHSAA. At the championship meet, she earned a 14th place overall in the 200 Free and a 10th overall in the 100 Fly, and was the only team member to earn top 16 finishes in both of her events. It has been a pleasure to coach this talented, highly motivated, and positive young woman and we look forward to two more years with her on the team.

Boys Cross Country – Patrick White


Patrick White is this year’s most valuable runner. Joining the team only last spring, Pat has met and exceeded all expectations in his first season of running cross country. Throughout the season, Pat has been our leading scorer at almost every meet. His strong finishes at both the Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari and Regis Cross Country Invitationals led Kellenberg to first place team titles at both meets. Pat even went on to break the school records at the Nassau Coaches Invitational course and the Six Flags Invitational course. Patrick’s stellar season has been highlighted by achieving NSCHSAA All-League Honors. We look for him to add more accolades to his running resume in both the indoor and the outdoor seasons.

Boys Soccer – Matthew Gallivan

Matt Gallivan

There is without a doubt that Matthew Gallivan is this year’s most valuable player. He finished the season second in the league in total points with twenty-one (fifteen goals and six assists). Now if that statistic is not enough to convince you, then maybe the fact that he was unanimously voted by all coaches in the Catholic League as one of seven players to be on the all-state team will be enough.  Congratulations to Matthew for an amazing season.

Cheerleading – Ciara Jennings


This season’s most valuable cheerleader is a young lady who has become a true asset to this team. She has improved greatly throughout the season and has proven herself as one of the strongest members on the team. Her commitment to cheerleading and to her team makes her that much more valuable. The coaches have turned to her to motivate the girls to work hard and to be the best they can be. She has been a strong leader and role model to the rest of the girls. We are very proud of her accomplishments and of how much she has grown and matured. The fall season’s most valuable Varsity cheerleader is Ciara Jennings.

Dance Team – Lauren Fasano


The Most Valuable Player is Lauren Fasano.  This dancer demonstrates what it means to be a hard worker and a dedicated team player.  Being the only new member of the team winter season of her junior year, Lauren succeeded in learning three competitive dance routines by simply watching them being performed at practice.  Currently as a senior, she manages to balance both the role of a captain as well as be an active participant in Drama Club.  In both roles, she always strives to do her best by fully committing and devoting her time and effort equally.  Furthermore, she is an energetic and animated individual who brings such joy to all those around her.  Her teammates and coaches appreciate the dynamic she brings to the team with her optimism and vibrant personality.

Girls Tennis B – Amanda Rangasammy


Synonyms that describe the word Valuable are respected, treasured, cherished, prized, loved, esteemed and precious.  These words hold true in my choice for Varsity Tennis B MVP Amanda Rangasammy.

A valuable player might not be the best, but they will take it on if there is no one else who can. Many times they serve towards others performing better. They inspire the team to perform higher and are passionate encouragers. They are competent. They are consistent. They are influencers, and others find courage in them.  Amanda has done all of the above for the past three years and as co-captain has led our team through a successful season. With heartfelt joy, we wish Amanda continued success through her collegiate years, and we will miss her greatly!

Girls Tennis A – Nicole Vassalle


Senior co-captain Nicole Vassalle just completed as successful a high school athletic career as you’ll find. She has been our MVP and an all-league standout for four years running. As the winningest female tennis player in school history, she was a starter at #1 singles since she arrived as a freshman, always competing against the best players in the league. Despite all of her individual accolades, the only thing missing from her resume was a team championship…..until this her final season. Nicole urged her teammates to be the best players they could be, resulting in her ultimate dream becoming a reality. We will miss her greatly as she continues her tennis career in college. Congratulations once more to our MVP, Nicole Vassalle.

Girls Cross Country – Deirdre Lewin


Another pivotal leader in the all-important summer training motivation, this young lady came into her senior year as a mature leader, and a most mature competitor. She was our number one girl in every race the team competed in, and was the number one girl for all competitors at both the Nassau Coaches Invitational, and the NSCHSGAA Championships. She is poised to “put it all together” at the Nov. 14 CHSAA Intersectional Championship Meet. We are honored to award Deirdre Lewin the MVP of the team award for 2015.

Girls Volleyball – Katherine Calabro


On a championship caliber team, every player has to reach outside of her comfort zone to provide that extra push in the final moments of competition.  And while many of our athletes provided valuable performances and our strength as a team was the number of weapons we had, Kate Calabro answered that call consistently throughout the entire season.  Kate accounted for the most kills on the team with 263, she was third in digs with 166, and was second in 3-option passes with 213.  Her 27 aces and 34 blocks provided a much-needed spark in tight matches.  Voted as the NSCHSGAA Player of the Year, Kate is also our team’s 2015  MVP.


Congratulations to all award winners.