A Reflection on the Annual Rosary Prayer Service

Oct 20 2014

By Julia Hasbrouck, Class of 2015:

On October 7, the entire school body took part in the annual Rosary Prayer Service. Every year on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, every high school homeroom joins together in praying the rosary along with the presentation given by the Firebird Network. Select students from grades 9-12 led the rest of the students in saying all five decades of the rosary over the classroom network broadcast. In addition to the students featured this year, some members of the faculty also took part in leading us in the last decade. Senior Lindsay Appel admires how, “it really joins the school together as one community in faith.” To think that in one morning nearly 3,000 students pray the Rosary as one is truly inspiring. As the high school divisions prayed with their homerooms, the Latin School students attend a prayer service in the auditorium in which they too participated in prayer.

At the conclusion of the services, each homeroom came together to share breakfast. Students contributed various breakfast foods such as bagels, cookies, fruit, chips, and juice for their homeroom to enjoy. As a Marianist Mentor, I was able to sit in with my freshman class. It was great to relax and get to know my homeroom better. After our breakfast was finished, the remaining snacks from each homeroom were collected and donated to a local charity in our community.

It really is such a unique day in our time at Kellenberg. Like a lot of other students, I never really get a chance to complete an entire rosary. Junior Andrew Patino agreed saying, “It gives us an opportunity to sit down and start our day off right with praying the rosary which is something I normally don’t have enough time for.” It is truly a day I look forward to each year, and being a senior, I was moved by the fact that this was actually my last time experiencing such a spiritual presence. It assures me that Kellenberg was the perfect place for me because I know I can’t get this anywhere else.