• February 24, 2019

    "My favorite part of this mission was coming together with all of my friends to help other people. Happiness is gained by going outside yourself and doing good things for others. The Sisters of Life are so kind, caring, and appreciative. There is not a more deserving group of people to help. The students created bonds that will last forever during this mission. Being able to make new friends and become closer with the ones I already had made this experience so memorable. St. Joseph’s Mission was such an amazing opportunity and I can not wait to participate in it again next year." - Ally Goldsmith '20

  • January 28, 2019

    Article by James Dionisio ’20:

    The focal point of this retreat was the annual March for Life. The peaceful protest centered around the theme “Unique from Day One: ProLife is Pro-Science.” Kellenberg students and faculty dressed in golden hats and royal blue scarves enthusiastically marched around Washington, D.C. to protect the unborn from the dangers of abortion. The environment radiated with energy and positivity as the members of the pro-life community marched for one common goal: to preserve the beauty and sanctity of life.

  • November 3, 2018

    Article by LI Herald's Timothy Denton: Make-A-Wish grants wishes for those with serious chronic disorders that affect the quality of their lives, Kass said. “Some of my friends thought it was strange that I didn’t wish for something else,” Kass said. “But I’d been interested in him since he was

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