Boys & Girls Varsity Golf Teams Capture Sportsmanship Awards

Jun 04 2015


During the 2014-15 spring season, both the Boys’ and Girls’ Golf teams received the Sportsmanship Award which was voted on by the coaches in the different leagues. Golf is one of the unique high school sports because there are no referees, coaches, or fans who get involved in the outcome of a match. The players are out on the golf course on their own and trusted to know the rules of the games and to play the game honorably in victory or defeat. In some cases, playing the game honorably means calling a penalty on yourself! In some sports a motto that has gained momentum throughout society is, “If I’m not cheating, I’m not trying to win.” However, in golf matches, the players are encouraged to help their opponents with distances to a particular target and to find an opponent’s errant golf shot. What these awards mean to the coaches, the players, and the school is that Kellenberg golfers follow the school motto of civility, order, and respect, and our opponents see our actions on and off the golf course as a great reflection of the motto. Both teams were always classy in victory and gracious in defeat, and Coaches Ostroske and Doran could not be prouder of both teams. These players should be happy to know that the coaches and players throughout the league recognize them as being fine young men and women who will uphold the true spirit of the game of golf.