Business and Finance and Psychology Clubs Study the Effects of Super Bowl Advertising

Feb 05 2019

On Tuesday, February 5th, the Business and Finance Club and the Psychology Club joined together for an interdisciplinary presentation on Super Bowl commercials. The two clubs have been working separately since returning from Christmas break, researching the business aspect of the commercials and the psychological aspect of the commercials. The presentation was the culmination of their research. The Business and Finance Club went first, being presented by Karolina Chroscielewski ‘19, Robert Nolan ‘21, and Charlie Mandracchia ‘20. The key points presented were the effect the Super Bowl commercials have on consumers, and on companies, the question of whether to advertise or not (in 2019, a 30 second ad cost 5 million dollars!), and the effect of the ads such as many companies yield high sales and even those that don’t enjoy brand recall. The Psychology Club then gave their presentation, by Maya Tadross ‘19 and Veronica Tadross ‘21. Their key points were that there is a consumer psychology, where the study of consumers and how they behave inflict their buying habits and choices. They showed how the average person will see 2 million 30 second commercials in a year, and that affects how markets make certain ads stand out. They showed using different examples of commercials how psychological and behavioral economic principles are behind the most powerful Super Bowl ads. The presentation commenced when the students watched Apple’s “1984” commercial, and Budweiser’s “Wassssup” commercial. This led to a discussion on why these commercials are so iconic. To finish off the presentation, students indulged in Coke, Sierra Mist, Doritos, and Lays potato chips as a post-Super Bowl party!

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